Sensing and responding to business and market changes requires new mindsets and methods. That’s where Business Agility comes in. CA has a proven approach for increasing your organization’s business speed and helping you beat your competitors in the marketplace. With CA’s Agile Management solutions, you’ll do more than adapt to change, you’ll accelerate customer value and become a truly agile business.

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Draw on API test metrics in development and production as part of an in-sprint review. Streamline manual intervention through machine learning and artificial intelligence that make sense of the immense volume of test metrics for actionable insights. Consistently learn and focus on what needs to be tested. Identify gaps in test plans that help improve test efficiencies and uncover new requirements opportunities during backlog grooming.




Continuous testing is the practice of integrating testing as a fundamental and ongoing aspect of every activity though the software delivery cycle. Continuous testing allows tests to be automatically created and executed so that defects can be identified and corrected as soon as possible. Continuous testing starts in the planning phase with automated test case design, directly mapped to application requirements. It continues into the development phase, where test environments can be emulated using service virtualization and test data is created, masked and sub-setted with test data management. Test execution is fully automated with continuous testing and feedback loops are established so that operational data can be used to inform future test case design.

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In the application economy, constant application updates are table stakes. To gain a competitive advantage, you must deliver the very best user experience by ensuring those improvements are based on real user feedback and application and infrastructure performance—from mobile to mainframe, on-premises or in the cloud. AIOps from Broadcom(R) can give you from CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company can give your enterprise the holistic monitoring and in-depth management capabilities it needs to turn this feedback into valuable functions and reduce mean-time-to-recover.

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With organizations constantly being attacked today, the risk of breaches extends to every business, without exception. And that risk is magnified when customers access your applications and services from any networked environment and on any connected device. With customers demanding constant access to data and information while simultaneously requiring their data be kept secure, businesses have to focus on maintaining trust so they maintain customer loyalty. Risk is also magnified by the interconnected state of apps. APIs are the major gateways through which app to app authentication and customer data flows. To protect customer data, you have to understand app to app risk just as much as device and network risk. The 2018 Global State of Online Digital Trust Report shows that 48% of surveyed consumers stopped using the services of at least one organization due to a data breach. With cyber risk everywhere, airtight security is non-negotiable. In fact, 86% of surveyed consumers say they value security over convenience. Given these intimidating statistics, organizations today understand they need a better solution to security. They need a solution that prevents breaches, gives their customers confidence in their security and makes their customer experience great. This all comes from trust. Creating trust means ensuring trusted access—the right level of access, at the right time, to the right individuals. This means protecting critical systems and data from outside hackers, fraudulent activity and internal threats from rogue users. Digital trust is critical to a corporate brand—organizations today can’t afford a loss of trust with customers or employees. To create trust, you need security that covers all your bases. You need to manage your privileged users, seamlessly and securely grant access to your customers and employees wherever they are and secure your apps by ensuring three-way trust between the user, the app and the device, so you can provide exceptional services. To accomplish this, you need one vendor that offers all the solutions to these challenges. The depth and breadth of CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company enterprise security software—from API security, identity and access management and privileged access management to fraud and risk detection and prevention—helps protect 49 of the Fortune 50 organizations in the world. Our solutions are best-in-class and leaders in their respective fields and they give you the ability to propel your business forward into the new digital world.​

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Teradata Vantage supports R, Python, Teradata Studio, Jupyter, RStudio, and any SQL-based tool. Enable various languages and tools to connect seamlessly to Vantage, with support for each tool through plug-ins, extensions, and connectors.